2016 – a new season begins

I write this post with lots of hope. A new season has started and I can’t wait to get back in the show halls. I am 2 weeks away from my first ‘adult’ payment, I might soon close a deal on buying a house, and I can get back to one of the things I love so much. I have already planned my first 2 shows – and I can’t wait.

First show will be in June in Moscow. TICA Club Crystal have their 10 year anniversary show, and I have been in that showhall many times now. Domino will be my travel companion and we can’t wait to see our Russian friends again.

My next show will be in Poland in September – on my 30 year old birthday! My boyfriend will attend, and hopefully we will drive and have some extra days in Poland. I really look forward to the show – it is the Europe version of On Safari, and they have promised me a birthday cake. 😀 It will also be my boyfriend first cat show – hopefully he will still love me after that weekend. 😉 Bot Gummi and Domino will travel with us, and of course we dream of that best cat, so he can get his Supreme Title.

What the season will bring other that this, I can only imagine right now. But one thing is sure – it will be awesome to have some fun weekends with all my TICA friends again!

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