2016 – here we come!

In 4 days I will be putting Domino in his travel bag and go to the Airport! I can’t wait! Crystal Cat Club 10th year anniversary show, 12 rings Alternative format. I am so exited. It will be the first show in months, and I look so much forward to meet some of all my TICA friends again.

Hopefully I wont be to tired – I have to sleep on the flight, because I will fly to Moscow during the night, but it should not be something a bit of Russian Vodka can’t handle Saturday evening when we will celebrate the anniversary in true Russian party style! 😀

Also, I have bought tickets for a trip to USA in August. This means Gummi Bear and I will visit the Regional show held in Indianapolis and also the Annual in San Diego! I didn’t thought I would show Gummi that much this season, but I need some vacation, and with my new job I can afford it – also I was struggling a bit with the thought of having big Domino in the cabin for so long. He is really heavy, and last but not least – Gummi’s breeders and fans would like to see him. 🙂

Besides going to Moscow with Domino, and USA with Gummi, we will all 3 celebrate my 30 year birthday in Poland with the Europe On Safari Show, and I have entered both for the EN Regional show also.

I have so many dreams for this season, and I don’t dare to dream them all at once, but I need to get it out of my system, so here we goes – in prioritised order. 😀

  1. A Supreme title for Gummi
  2. Getting Gummi into top 10 in the EN Region
  3. Getting a International Win on Domino
  4. Getting a Scottish Fold from a russian breeder for show

If bullet one happens, I have made one more requirement for entering the judging program (3/5 GC or GCA must have achieved a SGC or SGCA title). Bullet two is also helping me getting closer to the judging program because I need 3 top 10 Regional Winners, and only Domino qualifies for this right now.

Bullet three was so close in season 2014/2015 but due to some very unfortunate events, we did not make it to our last show, pushing him right down below the magic limit of top 25.

Bullet four is also for me getting closer to the breeding program – if I manage to get a top quality show kitten which I can get into top 10 in the EN Region, I will have fulfilled all requirements regarding owning and showing different cats, and then I only need to find a sponsor… It is so exiting!

And now I need to get back to work! 😀 I will keep you posted with results, and hopefully you are all just as exited as me about this season!

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