Gummi in USA – part 2

I finally was able to borrow my human’s computer for a while – so I could tell the last part of my story in the USA. She says she needs her computer back soon, so I will primarily post photos with some comments. I hope you enjoy reading it – I learned that the ladies loved me and that I am a real man now. 😀

It is tough traveling to shows. At least my human lets me out of the carrier. That is nice. I like to travel on her lap. <3


Look at me! I am so handsome. 😀


On one of the shows in the USA, a little fuzzy thing from my former family showed up. He just fell in love with my human, so she took him with her. I just thought he was delicious! He looks almost like me, and if only he was a lady…
More pictures of the little cutie my human brought home with us. His name is Mister Fuzzy Butt. I kid you not!
Showing off his fuzzy butt 😉
Okay – my human fell in love pretty quickly so she took a lot of pictures. I am sorry to bother you with them, I just think it is an important part of the trip. And I mean – he IS cute, and I am finally not the only normal looking cat at her house.


Here Fuzzy is getting my human convinced, that he needs to go home with us. 😀
Cuddy loved the window in the room we slept in.
I just loved the bed 😀
He has a funny tail, though…
I make this picture look great!
Fuzzy quickly became partner in crime with Cuddy.
My human went to Canada one weekend, and I am a bit unhappy that she left me and Fuzzy alone. I mean – why could we not go and see this? Maybe they had a beautiful Canadian Lady for me?



One bad thing about the USA was the little lady in the middle here. I mean – she was so gorgeous! And she liked me! She was flirting and wanted me to be with her, but every time I tried, I just got yelled at. I think it was highly unfair!
Enjoying some time with my brother from another mother.
Fuzzy wants to be sure, he is getting with us to San Diego.
Fuzzy really tried to convince the humans, that he needed this pillow. I am not sure why – it is so girly…
We are ready to go to San Diego!
While we were in Toledo, our human shopped for gifts for her region’s Regional Show. And Fuzzy stole one of the toys. He is little so he gets away with everything.


Our human is trying to sell Viking Cats jewelry everywhere she goes. It is for the club because they don’t have a lot of money. I think it is a good cause, because if they get more money I could go with my human to shows closer to our home, and then she would be happier. She always says she miss putting on shows.
At the Annual show in San Diego, Fuzzy tried out Agility. I think it is stupid running around like that. I just wanted to look at all the pretty ladies, but Fuzzy thought it was funny. He is weird like that. But he was actually good at it. He was number 2.
Our human was lucky on the way home – she got an empty seat next to her, so Fuzzy and I got more space because she could put us in separate carriers. It was a long trip, but she said we did well. I couldn’t wait to get home to the others and tell all about the adventure!!

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