Once upon a time, more precisely the 25th September 1986, I came into the world in a small hospital in a tiny city in the northern part of the little Kingdom – Denmark. Many many experiences later, I now live in the middle of nowhere, still in Denmark, but on the Copenhagen side called Zealand.

Here I live in a tiny timbered house from 1897 with my cats, my giant garden, and all my dreams.

I grew up with cats, dogs, guinea pigs, parrots, a iguana and a hamster. I spend most of my time taking care of as many horses I could at the local riding school. I moved away from home back in 2004 and have had birds, chipmunks, salamanders & frogs and in 2008 I got my first cat. Aslan was a beautiful Norwegian Forest cat that was not happy in his previously home – he did not appreciate kittens, and was for sure a cat that needed to have his own personal human. Aslan did not share. 😀

Unfortunately Aslan passed away way too early, and I got convinced to get 2 Norwegian Forest kittens – Felicious Frostbite and Felicious Frostpaw. They moved in in 2010, I attended my first TICA cat show later in 2010, and here I am – having shown multiple cats of different breeds, I have been on the board of Viking Cats since 2012 putting on shows, I am breeding Japanese Bobtails and trying out for the TICA judging programme! How’s that for a fairy tale? 😀

Oh, and my name is Jenny! Check out my website for my cats and my creative projects – because yes! I am a crazy cat lady Feline Enthusiast living on the countryside, making cat toys, crochet projects and other creative things.

My awesome home