Team Vankaras, or Team Red & White as our nickname is, began our journey in November 2010 when we went to our first TICA show in Denmark. We started out with 2 Norwegian Forest Alters, not knowing anything about what was going on. But one show took the other, and suddenly we showed up in Germany at the Europe North Regional Show in 2011 and here we are today.

Our team is hanging out near Copenhagen and our base is a small town house with a fenced in backyard, so the kitties can play safely while enjoying the outside life. The cat feeder – me, Jenny – the human one in the team, has a background in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, and is currently working as an IT Project Manager at Nordea Denmark.

For some reason it seems red or white coloured hair is mandatory to be part of Team Vankaras, but I promise – it is not the case! It just happened to be that the cats I like and have been getting for breeding purposes is red and white. And it is really not my fault that the pretty ones are red and white, right?

It might seem weird that the team consists of several different breeds, and that I started out with Norwegian Forests cats when I now breed Japanese Bobtails. However – the Norwegian Forests cats came into my life through a friend that was a breeder and who convinced me I needed a cat in my life. When I started to show and learned more about the different breeds I completely fell in love with the more active cats. Not that I don’t love my Norwegians and their very cuddly personalities, but having little crazy terrorists running around like nutcases is just so much fun! The first Vankaras kittens saw the light March 25, 2017.

Oh, and of course – the HouseHold Pets are the kind of kitties you never plan on getting. Or at least I didn’t, but I wouldn’t change them for anything. They are weird, crazy and absolutely lovable <3. Further, the team expanded in 2016 with a Scottish Fold. I dream of being a TICA judge one day, and to fulfill that dream, I need to have experience with different types of breeds, and my choice was to learn about the Scottish Folds. And oh my – he is the weirdest little fluffball anyone can imagine, he has the cutest little sound when he runs around and play, and he is just so cute.

I could talk forever about how much fun we have in Team Vankaras/Team Red & White, but I’ll promise to make blog posts instead. I hope you enjoy our little window to the insight life of us.