Beginning of 2017

This season just get crazier and crazier! The 3rd show already in 2017 is going on right now here in Vienna, last weekend I was in Paris and before that, I was in Sacramento picking up a female kitten for my future cattery. A few days ago I think the female I got from a very sweet breeder in Switzerland and Gummi figured it out together, so hopefully, we will have our very first Vankaras litter in 2 months, and my dreams are not getting smaller. 😀

I still dream of an IW title for Domino, a top 10 RW for Gummi, and a top 10 RW in the alter class for Fall Out. I also dream of a kitten RW for Fall Out, now that it seems he might actually do well enough to get one. I can’t imagine what crazy status I will be able to make, if all of this happens… IT IS SO EXITING!! 😀

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