Celebrations and lots of new dreams

I promised I would be a more frequent writer, and I told my self many times – NOW is the time to write. And what happened? Nothing. So many things has been going on, and it is not easy to be on top of everything. I haven’t even updated the website completely yet. :O

Anyway – a lot of celebration has been going on lately. And some hard goodbyes. Domino got his International Win las season, so of course I went to the Annual to pick up his prize. It is so surreal still, that I live with the only Danish alter, that have ever received that titel. We also celebrated a lot at our own regional show in Poland. It has been a very happy adventure to pursue this titel.

Also, my very first litter has arrived, grown up, and moved to their new forever homes. I have kept one female from the litter, and she is just adorable. She unfortunately doesn’t like showing, but you don’t have to love that, to be a good cat for a breeding program. She is very pretty, she fits the standard very well, and she is always happy and playful. I will be excited to see, what she can do in my breeding program. I am sure she will have lots to offer. Her brother Pirate moved to America and is now a perfect little show cat. He needed a few weeks to settle in, but he has already proved himself on shows, and has accepted his new home. It will be so exciting to follow him in his show and breeding career also. The last one in the litter is now living in America also. She is neutered and is getting spoiled by a very sweet couble. I don’t think I could wish for more.

Now the new season is in full speed – almost all Regional shows is over, and you can feel the excitement in the cat world. “Who will campaign this year?”, “What will you show – will you be in the same classes as me?” and thoughts like – “I wonder who I will compete against this season?”. It is all very exciting, and I love how we cheer for each other and continue as friends even when competing against each other. Some friends I know will have a break from showing, other friends is getting new cats to show this season, but will still show in the same classes as me, and I can’t wait for another season of Fabolous Felines, Fun & Friendship.

My ‘new’ dreams has not changed a lot since last year. I have merely just changed a few of the cats. 😀 I still dream about entering the judging program – but according to the rules as they are now, I still need: 2 top 10 RW in either Alter or Cat classes and 1 Supreme. The Supreme and one of the top 10 needs to be “Opposite Breed”. Unfortunately the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Japanese Bobtail has to many similarities in type – especially the head – for them to be opposite. So I have now a new resident in the Team: James Brown.

He is from England and he is just adorable. He is an Exotic Shorthair and I will show him as an alter throughout this season. I will show James and my Scottish Fold together when possible, and hopefully one of them (or both), will end up getting a Supreme title. I don’t know if I can manage to get them both in Top 10 RW, but time will show. On the side, I have send in a proposal to change the requirements, so it is not only a top 10 RW that counts, but also 5000 point during a season. Because a top 10 RW in my region is a lot harder than in other reagions, so it is an attempt to make it more even. If that passes, I will only need 1 top 10 instead of the 2 I need now, because I have 2 top 12 RW (one Japanese Bobtail Cat and one Norwegian Forest Alter) with more than 5000 points. I hope it passes, because it will make it easier and more fair through out the regions, and of course the selfish reason – then I only need my opposite breed. 🙂

Besides showing my 2 alters to get my opposite breed requirements fulfilled, I am also showing dear Mr. Fuzzy Butt as a HHP. Last season he became Best HHP Kitten in our Region, and I have a very small dream to get him high enough for an International Win. He needs around 10.000 points for that based on previous years, and he is now at ~4.500. The challenge is, that we don’t have big counts in Europe for alters, and it is very expensive to travel to America. But we will see – there is a long time till end of season. 🙂

So let’s see what happens! Maybe, in 9 months I can post that I have 2 new Supremes, 2 new top 10 RW Alters and an International Winning HHP. 😀