Half way through the season 2016/2017

As mentioned in June, I have a lot of dreams this season. Not all of them will be fulfilled, but some of them will. Back then I mentioned four things I wished for:

  1. Getting a Supreme on Gummi
  2. Getting Gummi into the top 10 for AB Cats in our region
  3. Getting an International Win on Domino
  4. Getting a Scottish Fold for show

Now some of those have changed. Not because I don’t want them anymore, but because I am so lucky that they are fulfilled! Gummi became a Supreme Grand Champion in August, and I am deadly proud of him. I wish that he would go into top 10, but I am not sure he can do it this season. The competition is really hard, and he is more interested in girls than being showed. We will see what happens, but with all my other show plans, I also have to look at what would mean most to me. And I can always fulfill my requirements for the judging program – that is not running away from me, but I can not always run for an International Win. And I know Domino have what it takes so that he will be my primary focus this season.

My fourth wish was fulfilled just this weekend! Sweet Nadejda has helped me pick a beautiful kitten from one of her litters; Rumfold Fall Out Boy. He is red silver classic tabby, and he is just gorgeous! He is very playful, and he purrs all the time. I can’t even take pictures of him because every time I do, he gets up and comes towards me for cuddling. He and Fuzzy get along very well, and I think Fuzzy is thrilled to have a buddy to play with. I am so excited about how he will develop, and I look forward to showing him. He is in kitten class from November 5th, 2016 to March 4th, 2017, and I plan to take him with me to all the shows I can. This, of course, means my number four wish is changed – I know that Fall Out will not be a top 10 AB Alter this year because he only has 2 months as an adult this season, but next year when I am not showing Domino anymore, he can be my new show cat. 🙂

On another front, my cat life is also taking a turn. In January I am going to the USA again to look at a female kitten for my breeding program. I am very excited about this trip, and I will bring Domino with me for the show. I am still struggling with the thought of leaving Fall Out at home because I really want to see how high he can end up in the standings, but I also have to bring a kitten home (hopefully), and smuggling 2 cats might be too much for that big a trip. I still have some time to consider, and I know security usually doesn’t care, but still. 😀 It is not easy having more than one cat that you can show!

I could talk so much more about my dreams and this season! It is so exciting and I really enjoy being back in the cat fancier. So many funny people! But I have to remember to post more often instead of writing wall of texts. 😉


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