• March: I was at my second show, also held by Viking Cats, this time in Albertslund, Denmark.  This was also my first show, where I went alone! I had absolutely no clue about, what was going on, but somehow I manage.
  • Late summer: I received an email from the Regional Director, letting me know that if you had a breed winner, Regional Winner, color win or something like that, you needed to go to the Regional Show in Germany to get your award. I thought it was a mistake I got that email, but I checked the list of winners anyway – my heart started to pump pretty fast when I saw that Frostpaw was 2nd Best Norwegian Forest Alter of the year in our Region! The day after, I booked my flight ticket!
  • October: I jumped on the plane with 2 cats to go to the Regional Show, had no idea of how I was going from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the show and back, still had no clue about what was happening IN the show hall, but heck! I met a lot of Danish people in the hotel when I arrived, and they took me under their wings. A few of them is some of my best friends today!
  • November: I travelled across most half of Denmark in public transportation to go to Viking Cats next show in the Lion Park in Give. This was also the first time I clerked! I panicked when they told me, they wanted me to clerk, so I could not object 🙂
  • December: I went to Rangsdorf with some of the Danish exhibitors – a trip I learned was a tradition – and of course I have been there every year since. 😀 It was also on this trip, I was asked if I wanted to be a board member of Viking Cats. I had no idea about why they asked me – but since they seem to be happy with me after 3 years now, I am guessing I did okay back then. 😉

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