2012 was the year it all started to go crazy. 🙂

  • January: I became a TICA member and DK ZACS Domino moved in!
  • February: I drove to Poland with 2 friends, to visit their very first TICA show and got elected for the board of Viking Cats
  • March: Another Viking Cats show in Albertslund. It was also the first time, I ever showed a kitten. Domino ended up as 2nd Best of Best Kitten at the show!
  • May: DK Felicious Frostpaw was put to sleep. He collapsed at the floor, and when the wet opened him, he had numerous cancer tumors. My world just started to turn. He never showed me, he was ill. No one saw it coming. He was such a special cat, and I miss him so much
  • June: The HHP Verner Ming moved in. He was around 8 month old, white and deaf. He had already been in a shelter 2 times, he was found on the streets with his mom and siblings… When I got him, I had a really hard time getting attached to him. He needed to learn basic cat language and he did not liked to be carried. It was with my heart pumping I took him to the next Viking Cat show in Rødovre. But something happened at the show. Verner absolutely LOVED it! And that was the beginning of his transformation to a very lovable (and talkative) cat, that just enjoys live
  • November: This year the Regional Show was held in Denmark!! It was hard work, but we did it! And I would absolutely love to have it back in Denmark again.
  • December: As mentioned – Rangsdorf is a tradition for many Danes, so of course Team DK went there

After I entered the board of Viking Cats, we worked all fall creating a new website for the club. It was really hard work, and by the end of the year, I went down with stress. Not because of the website, but because I lost my job, was active in to many associations at the University and tried to follow 2 really tough courses also. It was tough, but I was lucky enough to have 3 cats who could comfort me.

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