• February: I was elected as President of Viking Cats! I still can not believe the trust all my friends saw (and still see) in me. I absolutely love being part of Viking Cats, and I really hope we can continue to growth in Denmark. The Viking Cats team is amazing, and I am proud to be part of it!
  • March: Part of Team DK went to UK for a show. My first time in England. 🙂 And of course Viking Cats did it again this time in Korsør. 😉
  • May: Viking Cats where back in the shopping mall in Rødovre. At this show Domino became a Supreme Grand Champion Alter, and ended up as the Best of Best Alter at the show
  • August: My very first trip to Moscow!! This time Crystal Club had the Regional Show, and damn I loved it! Verner ended up as the Best of Best HHP, and I got so many new friends I can not even imagine. I felt so welcome even though I hardly understand anything. It was the best vacation I have ever had. A week in Moscow just relaxing and then a weekend with crazy cat people just like me! 😀
  • November: Viking Cats in Strib. Both Domino and Verner ended up as Best of Best in each of their categories.
  • December: Back in Rangsdorf 🙂 and Moscow!!

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