Take a chance on me – in daily life he is known as Bob, Bob Lenny, Stop that, No, Get down from there, ARGH, and Bob the streetcat. 😀

Bob moved in with me in 2018 by the power of Facebook. He was found by some university students in the center of Copenhagen, very hungry, but still very sweet. They took him in to their dormroom and put up posters.

A person reacted to the posters, but came up with stories about it not really being his, and the owners was out traveling, and they really didn’t know what they wanted with these kittens. He came to pick the kitten up, and the finders asked him about neutering and vet-checks and all that. The guy didn’t want to spend money on the cats, so he would probably just “get rid of him” then. The students who found Bob then decided that this person was not getting him back. And then they posted on Facebook – what do we do? We are not allowed to have animals here and we don’t want to hand him over to a shelter.

Fast forward – I ended up picking the little guy up in Copenhagen. Took him home and he was terrified of the other cats. So we started the day in my bathroom and when it was nightime he slept with me in my bedroom alone.

Next day he softened up towards the others. He was eating food like he had not had food ever, and was growling at the others when eating. When it became nighttime again he was expecting him and I would be sharing bedroom alone again, and looked so dissapointed when he had to share with the others. 😀

Now Bob is fully integrated, he eats normally, and loves the others. He has even been on shows with me the last show season, and did very well.

  • 2018/2019
    • 2nd Best HHP Kitten in Europe North
    • 4th Best HHP in Europe North
    • Champion
    • Grand Champion
    • Double Grand Champion
    • Triple Grand Champion
    • Quadruple Grand Champion
    • Supreme Grand Champion