This year have been crazy. Just thinking back makes me a bit stressed, but it have been so much fun, and I have really enjoyed it.

2014 was the year…

  • … I decided to campaign Domino
  • … Verner decided he should retire
  • … I got a registered cattery name (Vankaras)
  • … I decided I want a kitten to show in the beginning of 2015 (hopefully)
  • … I got licensed as a Head Ring Clerk

And the whole campaigning thing have been so much fun! I can not wait to start again for the last 4 month of the season, beginning in Vienna in January! It is a bit tough travelling around like this, but I love it – all those people and friends I have all over the world makes it worth it.

The list of shows we have visited in 2014 is pretty long…

  • March: Cats 4 Us in Frankfurt, Germany (last season)
  • April: Cats and Tulips in Asperen, The Netherlands (last season)
  • April: Viking Cats in Albertslund, Denmark (last season)
  • June: Vanticat in Swanley, UK
  • June: Crystal Club in Moscow, Russia
  • August: Viking Cats in Give, Denmark
  • October: Belgian TICA Friends in Machelen, Belgium
  • November: Viking Cats in Strøby, Denmark
  • December: TICA Cats in Rangsdorf, Germany
  • December: Spoticat in Coventry, UK
  • December: Crystal Club in Moscow, Russia

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